Do not Recycle…

I had another blog planned for today with more on my views the importance of artisans. It will wait until tomorrow. Sometimes, things appear before us that trigger a thought that has to be expressed.

As I was making my dutifully healthy breakfast of muesli and fruit, I noticed that the beautifully designed packaging, expressing all sorts of healthy connotations from Mr Sainsbuy, was not recyclable. It was a moment of real cognitive dissonace. What sort of nonsense was this. An undeniably delicious and healthy product in cahoots with landfill?

It may have been the lingering thoughts from Leandro Herrero’s blog I had read earlier. Some things should just not be recycled.

  • Businesses that take more than they give back. Fast Fashion. Mining. Oil. Hedge funds.
  • Businesses that regard people as commodities. Many of the above, plus the Gig Economy.
  • Businesses that greenwash
  • The arms industry. Trading jobs and profit for people’s lives.

All of the above are products of an industrial era predicated on infinite growth, and it’s over.

We should not recycle them. Whatever new normal is, it does not need them. Covid-19 has brought them into sharp relief.

Back to Artisans tomorrow. We have much better work we can do together.

I needed to just say this out loud.

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