Proximity to the Edge

This is my 347th post on this site. I started off once a week, then a couple of times a week, then six. This is my first post on a Saturday, and a transition to posting every day.

It started as an experiment. I have always found writing things down a useful way to make sense of what I’m noticing and what I think about it. Making it public by pressing “publish” was a tiny act of courage. Probably, nobody would notice, but the fact they might was enough for a sliver of fear.

Then, more thinking, more posts, and the next tiny bit of courage in being more adventurous, or rather more honest in what I wrote. The journey from the centre of comfortable concensus towards the edge of contention and possible conflict is a long one. I’m getting nearer the edge, but know I’m not there yet.

Getting to the edge is not a solo exercise. If we go alone, we don’t know where the edge is till we fall off. Having people around to help us define the edge is a huge advantage, and of course, the courage and perspective of the people we have around us determine where the edge is, whether we’ve gone over, and who can rescue us if we do.

There are different edges. What was an edge 200 blogs ago is not one now. The edges I want to find are the ones that matter to those who are in proximity to me, and those I want in close proximity are those looking for their own edges.

Having thousands of followers may be good for the ego, but no use for finding the edge. The thousands like where you are, not where you’re going. Those that matter are headed for the edge as well.

So I’m going to make every blog post a little closer to the edge, in order to explore and support those who are in proximity to me. Testing ideas that might serve around how we drive the change that matters as small groups. Teams, businesses, networks.

As of now, including Saturdays.

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