Pilgrim or Tourist?

We’re always on a journey into the unknown, I just think that is clearer to us than normal.

Tourism is normally about the destination, what we’re going to do when we get there. There are brochures, and attractions, and recommendations. People have been there before.

Pilgrimage is about the journey. It’s about what we experience and learn – often about ourselves – on the way. It can be hard – and is often designed to be. It’s about the effort of the journey, one foot in front of the other, noticing what is going on around us, often in the company of others.

The pleasure of easy tourism dissipates quickly, whilst the effort of pilgrimage changes lives.

What we’re going through now feels more like a pilgrimage to me, to somewhere that values the planet, and humanity’s place on it more than cold commerce.

I’ve never known anyone who went on a pilgrimage to a Bank.

If you feel more like a pilgrim than a tourist, visit www.harnessinguncertainty.com

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