Reflections 1 November

What’s on my mind

It’s beginning to feel like this will be a long winter, and that we have a choice. We can either sit and be miserable about our lack of freedoms, and the uquantifiable individual threat we face every time we see another human, or we can think forward to Spring.

Spring will be very welcome. A time of renewal and growth. So what do we do with the time until then?

Autumn and Winter are liminal spaces – times of transition, and maybe we just have to embrace that.

What are we going to discard over winter, and what do we want to plant in the Spring?

Here’s my list

To discard:

  • Spending too much time hurrying, and not noticing what’s in front of me.
  • Feeling picked on by events.
  • Middle of the road, mediocre brands pretending to be something they are not.
  • Unnecessary travel.
  • Shallow Media
  • All followers except for the one hundred and fifty I most value.

To plant

  • To spend more time noticing, valuing and being grateful.
  • To create even tiny events that matter to someone.
  • Making sure I know the provenance of what I buy. Less of better.
  • Making sure I enjoy the travel I do.
  • Reading and listening to media that stimulate.
  • Spening more time with, and on, the 150 people I am connected to.

What’s making me think

Finding different ways to look at what’s going on.

Cynefin. I’ve used the Cynefin Framework for years as a way of thinking about complexity, and this 21st Birthday book, giving accounts from those who use it and have helped buid it is a real addition. Cynefin is normally translated from the Welsh as “habitat”, but I rather like the more subtle “place of your multiple belongings”. A really worthwhile book if your intersted in complexity.

Overstory. Richard Powers. A Pulitzer Prize winning collection os stories with trees as a connecting theme. Very clever and satisfying.

The Howto Academy. I listened to my first purchase on this – “How Spies Think” with David Omand, ex head of GCHQ. Unexpectedly good, and I bought the book as a result. This could be fun over winter.

Workism. From the Atlantic. Work as the new religion?. Uncomfortable read,

A morality App for business. I cannot believe that anybody would find this neccessary, but maybe I’m wrong.

The Need to Touch. Aeon Magazine. Very appropriate thought as we go into another lockdown. Touch matters.

Trust. I’ve had two automatic insurance renewals in this week and in both cases a phone call has pretty much halved the renewal price. I know it’s a well known syndrome, but I do wonder how anyone builds a business of any longevity predicated on exploitation of loyalty. Strange.

A quote

“Thirty spokes share the hub of a wheel; yet it is its center that makes it useful. You can mold clay into a vessel; yet, it is its emptiness that makes it useful. Cut doors and windows from the walls of a house; but the ultimate use of the house will depend on that part where nothing exists. Therefore, something is shaped into what is; but its usefulness comes from what is not.” – Dao de jing, Lao Tzu (Verse 11)  (1).

Where I’m focusing

Whilst this will be a long and uncomfortable winter, it offers the opportunity to shake of the old and prepare for a 2021 that offers us more of what really matters. Community. Purpose. Relationships. Wellbeing.

I’m going to be working with others on how we might get to that for ouselves and others..

Have a great week.

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