A walk towards Uncertainty

Taking the next step can be scary when we’re not certain about the step after that. The result, often, is that we don’t take the step.

If we don’t we’ll never know what we might have missed.

Last week, I wrote a blog that ended with “As to what to do? How to harness the uncertainty we feel? That’s a whole new discussion

I’m going to make this blog the start of that discussion, starting on the first of November.

I’ve been studying uncertainty, and talking with people about it for several years, and now seems a good time to share what I’ve learned to see what we can do with it that might help others.

Over the next few weeks, and maybe longer, I’m going to focus on all the different aspects of uncertainty I’ve noticed. No “solutions”, no “templates”, just holding uncertainty up to the light of examination.

Uncertainty shrivels when we examine it up close so my hope is that by doing just that, it uncovers ideas and insights for you that helps to shrink your own uncertainty.

It’s our uncertainty that is getting in the way of turning what is easy to see as a crisis into an opportunity to be more you, to do the things you want to, for the reasons you want to, for the people you want to and make a difference.

I’m going to do it to be a discussion, not a lecture.

To unmask and defang uncertainty together.

If the idea attracts you, please sign up below, and we’ll see where this path takes us.

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