The Future is Wonky

There was a time when we needed those that fit our business model, or culture, or idea of ourselves. Ideas that wouldn’t rock the boat, upset the Chairman, and would use the equipment we already had.

No more. Like vegetables in our identikit supermarkets, it means that a huge proportion of really good things get sidelined and go to waste.

I’m sure in their time, Copernicus was thought of as wonky, as was Da Vinci, and Edison, and the Wright brothers.

Fifty years ago, Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring was thought of as wonky. Ten years ago Climate Change seemed wonky to many. The idea of permanent working from home was extremely wonky.

Wonky is just another term for an outlier. Something that would be eliminated in the neat world of six sigma.

We don’t need people that fit, and don’t question. We don’t need unthreatening ideas. We don’t need certain.

We need originality, purpose, determination, unconventional and questioning.

The future is Wonky.

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