We are equal to this

Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com

From lockdowns to climate change to leadership, we seem to have become obsessed with formulae, templates and solutions. As though somehow, we just need an upgrade to deal with what’s in front of us.

“Being guided by the science” has become dogma, even though all proven science is retrospective, and of only partial use when looking forward to a time when the system we are part of will have wreaked gentle havoc on our assumptions. New science will be along in a moment or two.

Equations are valuable metaphors though. The = sign is powerful – it signifies balance – that the left hand side is the same as the right hand side. Inputs determine outputs.

We are overwhelmed by inputs right now, from social media trivia and fake news, to the incompetely understood but scary projections for climate change and biodiversity loss. We are faced with the very real possibility that we will be written out of the future of the planet.

Our power lies in the idea that we are the equals sign. We have the ability to shape the outputs from the inputs. We are not helpless. Each one of us is a powerful and unique part of the process of balance.

We are not just a passive input. We must not allow ourselves to be shaped by those who would have us be a compliant element of input and leave the power of “equals” to them.

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