Change is a mirror

Two things struck me in my morning scan of what’s going on today.

The first was a typically incisive post from Leandro Herrero. The short version – the only change worth working on is people. Everything else follows.

It’s always been true, but seems particularly apposite right now. Just because we might understand a system right now doesn’t mean we own it. It will be different by the time you’ve finished explaining it. The only change that matters is improving lives – our own, and the other beings we share the planet with.

The second was a couple of pieces I saw on the BBC News summary. The first expounded the threat to “hospitality” ( I never realised hospitaility was an industry, I thought it was something we did for people for the sake of it) whilst the second had Patty Jenkins, director of “wonderwoman” explaining the same threat to the film industry.

What goes on around us is constantly changing as we interact with what happens naturally – the cycle from birth to death – and the complications we are adding by the way we live. The buggy whip industry complained about automobiles, Bullfighting went, Steam succumbed to fossil fuels, The Amazon is disappearing to avarice. We may follow.

Being successful for a short time is not like winning a prize you get to keep.

Until we get our heads around the long game, and focus on the wellbeing of those around us we will continue to flounder chasing frivolous, meaningless short term vanity, and until we respect the system we’re part of and love it for what it is, it isn’t going to love us back.

Change is a mirror. If you don’t like it, look carefully into it.

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