Weekly Reflections 27th September

What I’ve noticed.

There’s been a sense of fatigue in the air. Perhaps it was the Autumn Equinox, or the reimposition of Covid related restrictions, or the dawning realisation of the end of the blanket job support schemes to something more nuanced. Whatever it was, I found it reflected in conversations, mails, LinkedIn posts. Not as pronounced as depression, but a real presence nonetheless. There’s a shift in the air.

Indigenous North Americans had a name for it. Variously Wendigo, Windigo or Wetiko, it was a mythical monster created by an unwillingness to share. The more it had, the more it craved and the more extreme and brutal its exploits became. It could not be satiated. It appeared as Summer turned to Winter, when the “time of plenty” gave way to the Hunger Moon.

We seem to have created something of a Wetiko Economy. Corporations that have the rights of people, but not the responsibilites and whose sole purpose is to consume ever increasing amounts of human and natural resource whilst giving very little of meaning in return. (It’s true they create jobs, though that’s no form of altruism and smacks of the dubious morality of the workhouse)

Our economy is turning. We have the opportunity to reshape and repurpose it and there is so much good to go at. There will inevitably be pain and disruption, but if not now, when?

We’re losing our sense of balance. If we don’t set about regaining it, and catalyzing the future we want, we will topple.

What is shaping my reflections?

We’ve been waiting too long for somebody else to do something. They won’t, it’s down to us.

It’s time to say what you think.. Too often, we dance around the issue and it’s not serving us. from the FS blog.

Together, in small teams. working from home works for maintenance, but if we want to make something new happen, it needs small teams.

Freedom needs Friction. We nned to use what’s happening to create the freedom we want, otherwise, it starts to dissolve.

A quote

When you declare yourself an unwilling victim of a known risk, you have postured yourself as a poor loser in a game you chose to play.

Ben Zander

What I’ve learned

That there is real clarity in the midst of the confusion of those who claim to be in charge. They have an almost impossiible job, but convention and political ego has them say otherwise. Moving forward is down to us, as individuals and small groups talking to each other. Here are some to look at:

Don’t just watch, connect and talk, then do. Something. it doesn’t have to be big, but it does have to have your signature on it.

What I’m Thinking.

That we need to extend our time horizons and our ambitions.

Short term thinking keeps us hungry for where we were. I’m trying to think twenty years out (when I’m unlikely to be here), and where I want my family and friends to be, what I want the world to look like, and what I need to be doing now to help that happen.

What we’re in is serious, proper, grown up change.

Have a great week.

One response to “Weekly Reflections 27th September”

  1. We are six months in to what is an exceptional experience. And we have adapted and been innovative in our responses. There is a point of despair. And that is now. It will pass, as night turns to day.


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