Echo Chambers

As we head into autumn, with Winter ahead, these are challenging times – but is the challenge real or one of our own construction?

We know that we largely construct our reality from the stories we tell ourselves, and that our stories are often delivered, prepackaged and hermetically sealed, via an assortment of media with very different agendas.

This video was shared with me by Steve Done, a very capable scientist and a trusted friend. I don’t know whether it’s true, and don’t have the epidemiological skills to challenge it, but when we claim to be “following the science” it seems to warrant a place at the table.

If it’s right, or even partially right, we could be painting ourselves into a corner, and I guess we won’t know how right this is until a few months time.

It suggests though that we need to be aware that the “Don’t panic Captain Mainwaring” approach of our politicians as they seek to be in control of something that will not be controlled, and who take the press as their thermometer, may not be the sharpest pencils in the box.

We have a huge appetite for certainty, and will lap up anyhing that purports to offer it. When we combine that with experts who relish a platform, we have a dangerous combination.

We don’t know who’s right yet but as we prepare for the future we need to allow for the fact that it may not be as black as some are painting it.

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