The Self Respect Filter

It’s invisible, anonymous, mutates and is passed easily from person to person. It can quickly overwhelm entire communities in hours.

If we mask up for Coronvirus, why don’t we do so for the media we consume?

My normal habit is to get up early, have a cup of tea (Compulsory. I’m English) and spend some quiet time greeting the morning before too many people have used it. all is well.

Then, I turn on BBC Radio Four, and open my laptop, and whoosh. Like having a shower under Niagara Falls. Unmitigated disaster. We’re all doomed. All those who lead us are incompetent. Only the location and the depth varies.

We have a small cohort of press, politicians and various species of papparazzi for whom deceit, dissembling, and disinformation has become so much of an art form it seems to have become unconscious for them. Like a bad diet.

It’s time to apply the self respect filter and embrace reality. Whilst do do seem to have a remarkable crop of politicians many of whom display compound ineptitude and lack of any reasonable leadership qualities right now, they are temporary, and are not a foundation for long term reality. There are better out there.

We determine our own reality. It is a function of the conversations I have with people I respect. It’s what I notice going on around me, and what those people I talk to see. It’s about choosing to filter what I consume through my self respect.

  • Why am I reading / listeng to / watching this?
  • What is their intent – to inform or shape?
  • Why are they doing it – is it something they believe, or something they are instructed to do by an employer?
  • How will this make my day better?
  • And help me make somebody else’s day better?
  • Would my grandchildren thank me for it?

There are some things we have less choice over – like food, and accomodation, and what we do to make a living to pay the rent, but the information we consume that determines how we see the world is not one of them.

We have a choice.

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