Do one thing

When times are tough, most people run for cover. They make excuses. “We’ve produced more tests than ever before” when the number of tests is clearly inadequate. “Lessons will be learned” as a way of sidelining a problem when it’s a clear repeat of a previous issue. Putting clear blue water and legal disclaimers between the advice we give and the result of its implementation.

Externalising the problem. Watching, not doing.

Times are tough, and will continue to be. The problems are “wicked”. They won’t stay still and move faster than we do. no matter how hard we try, we are absolutely guaranteed to make mistakes.

Because we can’t do all of it doesn’t mean we can’t to anything. Today, right now, we all have a job to do.

  • We can venture a thoughtful view that might get ridiculed, or perhaps create momentum.
  • We can set an idea free.
  • We can start something that matters. It doesn’t have to be huge.
  • We can encourage somebody who is doing just that.
  • We can forego easy criticism and pay attention to the challenge they are facing.
  • We can talk about important things where none of us know and all of us are uncertain in an attempt to surface options.
  • We can remember that money is by far and away the poorest measure of someone’s value.

If we do just one of these things, or anything that is grounded in generosity of spirit in difficult times, and feel even the tiniest movement forward, it will mean something.

We need to remember nobody is coming to rescue us. It’s down to us.

We may as well start today.

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