Reflections 13th September

Cloister corridor of Santes Creus Monastery,Tarragona,Catalonia,Spain.

What I’ve noticed.

That I’m finding myself quietly optimistic. If that sounds irrational, it’s not because I think all will suddenly be sweetness and light, it’s because what is happening is forcing us to pay attention whilst we can still do something about it.

Coronavirus is going to be with us for some time, and we have to learn how to adapt. As we do, we’re discovering how to work differently, to consume and travel less frivolously, and to value our communities and relationships. That’s a reason to be cheerful.

I think we’re at the end of the “bluster and bully” phase of our exit from the EU. We can’t go backwards, and no matter how deeply flawed, and perhaps politically engineered the decision was too much water has gone under the bridge, and we now have to make sense of who we want to be, what we want to do to, who to follow. We have enormous resources, and need to learn to use them wisely rather than just selling them cheap for short term gain. Time for some overdue self respect.

I suspect we are at the end of a phase of the phase where our politicians think they can some somehow manage their way out of a lack of vision and leadership. A vacuum has been created, and we need to pay very careful attention as to what, and who we allow to fill it. Whilst pandering to manufactured fear is easy, and seems to be a default strategy of those without ideas, there are much more inspirational goals to chase.

There are people and businesses out there doing those inspirational things. They are not big, but they are growing. They do not intend to grow huge, but stay connected to what’s important to them. I went to the Malvern Plant Show yesterday after a summer deprived of agricultural and flower shows, and the sight of people creating and cultivating beautiful things, from flowers to pots to food, on a beautiful day restored my soul more than a little. Not a corporate in sight.

What is shaping my reflections?

Our emerging relationship with AI. This is making me pay real attention to the provenance of what I read.

How to save a planet. Podcast. for me this is no longer a cause, or a movement, it’s central to everything we do.

On line learning 2.0. It’s a different medium and a different way of learning. We don’t need the equivalent of old ways of learning walking in front of it with a red flag.

A quote

When setting out on a journey do not seek advice from those who have never left home.”


What I’ve learned

That what I need to do is as simple as it is difficult.

  • Not to pay attention to the the avalanche of noisy, manufactured media being pointed in my direction. It’s not interested in informing me, just shaping me.
  • To do at least one small thing a day that embodies and demonstrates the optimism I feel.
  • Not to worry about scale. Do important small things, and connect with others doing the same.
  • Not to wait to be lead. Lead as best you can.

What I’m up to.

Preparing for Catalysing the Future on Sept 30th. Here are some links. Join us.


Twitter: @CatalyzeFuture.

Have a great week.

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