Reasons to be cheerful.

I suspect I’m not alone this morning in feeling a little bewildered as on the one hand our Government lays down seemingly arbitrary rules for meetings (I can meet more than six for work, but can’t meet my family) whilst at the same time playing fast and loose with international law.

It’s easy to get frustrated when there’s such a stream of genuine and manufactured confusion around what’s happening. I think we have to have some sympathy for an administration wrestling with a complex evolving problem, although less with the uncertain leadership we are being offered.

However, ripples of unintended consequences don’t only go in one direction. In the middle of all this are the beginnings of a different future.

Here are my reasons to be cheerful for today:

  1. The Covid problem is not just going away, which means we have the opportunity to change the way we work on a permanent basis.
  2. We’re beginning to understand that we cannot delegate responsibility for what we do – we have to take individual responsibility. What we do matters.
  3. Whilst we don’t have the smartest politicians, we certainly don’t have the worst.
  4. We are learning to value what’s really important, and understand how lucky we actually are.
  5. We have the NHS. Free at point of delivery. Run by people who care.
  6. We are free to make our views known.
  7. We are free to act within reason, (even if not to break the rules on a specific and limited basis)
  8. I love where I live, and what I do.
  9. And who I do it with.
  10. That this is not about what’s not possible right now, it’s about what we can make possible tomorrow.

It’s a great time for dialogue.

You might want to put Sept 30th in your diary for Catalyzing the Future. Free at point of delivery, organised by people who care.

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