We are enough

If it’s true that we become who we believe we are, these are not propitious times.

At every level, we are bombarded by messages and images that inform us how bad things are, how inadequately prepared we are, and what we must do to warrant our existence.

Most of this is based on somebody else’s agenda.

Maybe they want to sell you the key to the gate that only they can provide.

Maybe they want you to go back to work in the office to support an economy they have created that depends on it.

If what you are being exhorted to do, or believe, is based on helping you to their advantage recognise it for what it is. Salesmanship.

Fortunes are always made during crises by salesmen who use the situation to their advantage. They will try to convince they have a key to a gate which is already unlocked.

We find ourselves in chalenging times as the economic model we have been using for the last couple of hundred years runs out of steam. There is little left to privatise, and the economic machines that have been built to do that are running out of raw material.

The future will be determined by different criteria. Generosity, Collaboration, Sharing and the pursuit of what matters.

As the temporary and finite power of scale derived growth on a finite planet retreats into history, something else has to take it’s place, and it is down to each of us to determine what that is in the company of others we want to share it with.

The transition will be tough, and last decades. There are no short term solutions, and no individuals with keys. It is our job to look after those not just around us, but those yet to arrive.

We are all enough. We belong here. We have a role to play.

And we do not need anybody else’s permission.

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