I wrote yesterday about the “great fraying” as superficial relationships are eroded by the impact of Covid.

There’s a counterside. Many of us have found ourselves talking with people we would not normally talk to, in ways we wouldn’t normally talk to them, about things we wouldn’t normally talk about.

It’s wonderful – the very foundation of innovation. Diversity, Serendipity, Uncertainty, Neccessity. And probably other things ending “ty”.

At the beginning of all this, as an experiment, we brought together people from very different arenas, from Puzzler and Measurers, those who seek replicable solutions, to Philosophers and Mystics, who are in search of important questions. I wrote briefly about it here.

I sense this is an important time as we are encouraged to go back to a normal that has gone absent. We have a choice.

We can either stick with having those unexpected, challenging, sometimes difficult conversation out of inspiration and insight comes, or we can go back to comfortable mediocrity and wilful blindness.

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