What game are you playing?

Evidence Based Games

“Taking things to the next level” is one of those hackneyed phrases that has been repeated so often that it becomes meaningless. However, it wasn’t meaningless when it started, and it’s worth a revisit.

Great games have almost infinite worlds. We work through one, through different levels until we find ourselves in the next one, with new challenges and new rules we have to work out. Going up a level is a challenge.

Most businesses do not see it this way. “Going up a level” often means more of the same, but with just more. Same game, more points but not more challenge.

The effects of Covid (not Covid itself) means that whether we like it or not, we’ve just gone up a level.

Yesterdays rules no longer apply. No matter how hard you press the buttons in the same old way, it won’t work.

How are you going to work this out?

Originize is bringing people together to do just that.

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