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Just about everybody is business uses indicators. All use lag indicators – sales, margins, the stuff of yesterday. Fewer use lead indicators – web hits, reputation, engagement, and of these I guess most use their lead indicators to predict their lag indicators.

In times of stability, that’s fair enough – but what about now, when tomorrow is likely to have only a passing resemblance to yesterday? What are we looking for as signal?

If our business was to stop today, how would it be remembered? What are we doing today to ensure if it stopped tomorrow, it would remembered better than if it stopped today?

All businesses stop (but hopefully not today or tomorrow) and the ghosts they leave hang around long into the future.

Lead indicators focused on keeping shareholders happy, or short term returns are very different to those focused on what matters in the longer term. Climate, Biodiversity, Equality, Community.

if we want to be remembered for the right reasons, we focus on what matters.

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