Waving, or Drowning?

Every morning, I get summaries in my mail of the highlights of what is going on around me in business.

The streams of late are not pretty, and getting ever less so.

Failures and redundacies And increasingly large businesses, and sector bodies appealing for Government help. Wanting to be rescued.

Whilst conditions are, undeniably, difficult I think we need to take stock.

We need fierce conversations – purposeful, honest, energetic

When it comes to resilience, coach Ta’mara Leigh, who trained resilience in the US Army, has a powerful line to get us going.

Nobody is coming to save you

Ta’mara Leigh

I believe she’s right. Whatever the situation, if we sit there waiting to be rescued it encourages procrastination and promotes fear.

We dont fight, we don’t flee, we freeze.

Problems, like bullies, lose their power when we confront them.

For those of us in business, Covid, and other “Gray Rhinos” were always present. They have no intent. It’s not personal. We chose to sideline them. It’s nobody’s fault.

Whilst this is brutal, it gives us a place to start.

  1. Is the business recoverable in its current form? More than that, recoverable to sustained growth? Sometimes, when circumstances change the conditions that made us viable disappear.
  2. If it is, Go hard and go early with what is needed.
  3. If it isn’t, what are your options? It may be that you have all the right people, and all the right contacts, but not in the right format for what is going on.

This is a time for human spirit and ingenuity.

We are not our businesses. We are far more than that.

Time to move.

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