When Rules Fray

Organisations and markets crave stability. Stability enables them to pursue efficiency, and mine every last piece of value from a known situation. Stability allows for structures and rules to be created, and for those in power to sleep comfortably at night.

It’s a bit of a problem then when, like any system, things begin to fray at the edges. People start to think differently and act differently. Those who assume they have authority find they don’t. Inconvenient truths, such as a pandemic, disrupt a beautifully designed and documented supply chain.

We find ourselves in the age of the business artist. Creative, observant, challenging and with her own sense of values and priorities. Unencumbered by legacy infrastructure, and unimpressed by an outdated culture.

The system of course tries to bring them back into line. Whether or not no 10 tames Dominic Cummings, or whether Brussels tames Facebook, the genie is out of the bottle.

More than ever, our future will be shaped by the insurgents who are chipping away at a comfortable but alarmed industrial aristocracy.

For our own part, relying on an established organisations for our future is increasingly risky.

When old rules begin to fray, it makes sense to make sure we have our own. So we can use them to navigate the turbulence that is on its way.

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