Provenance – again

There’s something going on here.

My regular copy of HBR came through the letterbox today, and it’s substantive focus is on the flaws we can make in making metrics the centre of our performance management.

In particular, I liked an article about Canada Goose, the Canada based maker of expensive, luxury cold weather gear. It’s an inspiring read.

There is much in commom with Hiut, who I wrote about yesterday, as well as companies like Patagonia and Fat Face. All have slightly different strategies, but pride in what they do and genuine connection with their customers, suppliers and workforce is part of it.

Provenance matters.

I’ll continue to pick up on this over the next few weeks. With the changes coming at us, we need clarity as to what we stand for, and what that means for the actions we take in the face of chronic uncertainty.

There are no solutions, only approaches that demonstrate who we really are and what matters to us. Some of it we may have to make up as we go along. That doesn’t matter if we’re grounded in what we do.

There are many organisations who can’t. or won’t make this leap.

That represents opportunities for us as individuals and businesses.

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