Don’t feel behind

It’s easy to feel behind when so much is changing, and we find ourselves in a bonfire of old certainties

It’s understandable. Many of the things we have trained for, qualified in and taken as a solid base seem to be evaporating under the heat of technology and politics.

It’s compounded by our psyche. FOMO, or loss aversion bias makes us far more conscious of what we might be losing than what we might be gaining.

It’s time for a deep breath, because the fear is a choice. We don’t describe the world we see, we see the world we describe.

When everything changes so fast, and makes what we have learned obsolescent quickly, it levels the playing field. People with twenty years more experience are not twenty years ahead of you.

More than ever, it’s about Clarity.

Why you’re doing what you are. Purpose. It doesn’t have to be grandiose- sometimes our purpose may just be putting food on the table, at other times we want to change the world. Don’t assume your purpose today will be the same as your purpose tomorrow. Different types of purpose are only milestones along the road to giving our lives meaning.

How you do what you do matters greatly, Whatever your purpose. Your how paints a clear picture of character, integrity, belief. It’s the very stuff of leadership- of ourselves and others.

What we do is a vehicle for our why and our how. If we look at people who have made a real difference to us, they may have been in any one of a wide variety of roles along the way. Van Gogh was a failed minister, draftsmanship, poet and art dealer before he painted “Starry Night”, a few short years before his death. His what changed a lot, but not his why or his how. Most of the radical entrepreneurs. From Branson to Musk via Jobs followed very non linear paths to eventual success.

We are where we are right now. As several people have said ( not sure who said it first) “don’t compare yourself to others, compare yourself to who you were yesterday’

You can never fall behind yourself. You can however choose to move forward, today, by a little.

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