Degrees of digital separation

Whenever we get a new tool we tend to over use it. We’re excited by the possibilities, enjoy the novelty, and want to explore its potential. I think we’re at that point with our relationship with algorithms. The danger is that when we overstretch, the damage we cause to a relationship moves beyond the digitalContinue reading “Degrees of digital separation”

Provenance – again

There’s something going on here. My regular copy of HBR came through the letterbox today, and it’s substantive focus is on the flaws we can make in making metrics the centre of our performance management. In particular, I liked an article about Canada Goose, the Canada based maker of expensive, luxury cold weather gear. It’sContinue reading “Provenance – again”


The beginning of something’s existence; something’s origin. I’ve just bought a new pair of Jeans. Not everyday ones, Selvedge Denim from Hiut Denim. Several times the price of a perfectly functional pair of Jeans bought in the High St. Why? Because they’re the third pair I’ve bought in over six years, all of whichContinue reading “Provenance”