Maybe, in times of uncertainty and rapid change, following is the most important thing we can do. Following is a choice. By accepting and commiting to a leader’s premise, we are defining ourselves. Our values, our hopes, our aspirations. By following we become personally accountable for the outcomes . A leader cannot be a leaderContinue reading “Following”

Leadership vs. Management

Leadership has fallen into everyday terminology. There is a multi billion dollar market in training people to be leaders. I’ve noticed in conversations and in appraisals aspirations to leadership. Leadership is generally seen to be a “good thing” When I ask people what do you want to lead, and why? I often get a bemusedContinue reading “Leadership vs. Management”

Natural rates of Growth

I think we need to consider that everything has a natural rate of growth, determined in part by it’s heritage, the medium in which it is grown, and the way it is cared for. We can grow our food faster and bigger using hormones and chemicals, and gain a short term advantage, but long termContinue reading “Natural rates of Growth”