Vision and Goals

Our current politics, and business, is surfacing some interesting thoughts for me.

We all get the “vision thing” – and indeed it’s foundational to something worthwhile in the long term.

But it’s difficult to have a vision when you’re uncomfortable, or under threat.

For most people, Visions are created from places of stillness and relative certainty, when the mind and imagination can be fully harnessed.

When we’re uncomfortable, we need a goal. To be somewhere clear and definable, that is different to where we are right now.

BREXIT is a good example. For a (far too long) time, we have been procrastinating about what sort of “out of the EU” we want. We have been entertaining visions, when what was needed was goals.

Whatever one might think of Boris (and, to be fair, what I think is not really printable) he has tapped into a goal. “Out by 31 October, come what may”

That goal may inspire you, or horrify you but it’s unlikely to leave you indifferent. It creates movement and energy and those who oppose him have to find a similarly clear goal, and match it with energy, if they are to be heard.

What he has done is provided a catalyst, and maybe we needed that.

Enough of BREXIT, but the lesson is one we can apply to our businesses (and often, ourselves). We have a choice; we can either complain about what’s going on around us and espouse a vision of what we would like it to be, or we can set a goal, an uncomfortably catalysing goal, and do something – even when the outcome is unclear. It will move us forward, it may fail, but we will not be where we are currently complaining about.

Perhaps sometimes, we have to go goals first and let the vision emerge from what we discover.

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