Natural rates of Growth

I think we need to consider that everything has a natural rate of growth, determined in part by it’s heritage, the medium in which it is grown, and the way it is cared for.

We can grow our food faster and bigger using hormones and chemicals, and gain a short term advantage, but long term we pay a price, in ways we will only be able to understand in retrospect.

We know that businesses that grow steadily and sustainably provide better long term returns than overnight wonders that peak, then trough.

For people, we know that an ability to defer gratification points towards improved long term reward.

If we want faster growth, then we have to plant the right ideas in the right medium. We can tamper with the system in the short term, convince people we’re clever and escape with the cash, if that’s what we want to do with our time here.

Or, we can choose to grow something worthwhile, and exercise patience.

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