Are we nearly there yet?

For those of us interested in the nature of change, this is a fertile time. It’s a though a whole bevy (what a great collective noun!) of black swans have taken flight (when they become a wedge – another great metaphor) and are heading right for us. Our individual and collective reactions vary, but inContinue reading “Are we nearly there yet?”

Prospectors, Craftspeople, and Merchants

Every value chain involves, broadly, three archetypes. The prospectors (or explorers) driven to discover, or create, something new. Something that the world needs, or that is in short supply. Over time; spices, precious stones, gold, oil, money, mass production techniques, the internet. Prospectors bring these into being though passion, commitment, love. In their first iterationsContinue reading “Prospectors, Craftspeople, and Merchants”

Vision and Goals

Our current politics, and business, is surfacing some interesting thoughts for me. We all get the “vision thing” – and indeed it’s foundational to something worthwhile in the long term. But it’s difficult to have a vision when you’re uncomfortable, or under threat. For most people, Visions are created from places of stillness and relativeContinue reading “Vision and Goals”