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How to programme people

I consider myself fortunate these days to be able to avoid rush hour on London Underground. However, every now and then, needs must.

So, this morning that’s what I was doing, and because I don’t do it often, I found myself noticing things and reflecting.

I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories, but if I was, I’d think about how to programme people. To shape their environment in such a way as to make them pre disposed to my message, regardless of real evidence. You might see where I’m going with this 🙂

Firstly, I’d arrange to put them in a position where they pay attention to what I want. Crowded tube trains are ideal. Cramped space with just enough room to look at a screen, and conditions that make conversation difficult. Gotcha.

Then, I would make content available free via free newspapers and social media. Salacious headlines, fake news, digital discombobulation.

Then, I would push overarching themes that pull these different threads into a narrative arc.

Done expertly, day after incremental day, I’d create a set of lenses for people to look through, and keep them so busy they don’t have the time to think, reflect and access their soul.

Job done.

A nonsense, obviously.

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Complexity and volatility create enormous opportunities for those willing to go beyond the boundaries of "business as usual" to explore the edges of their business. I am an entrepreneur, a coach, a creative thinker, and above all, an explorer of possibility.

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