Waiting in Line

If you’re waiting for a bus, waiting in line is fine (and if you’re British, compulsory)

On the other hand, waiting for permission to air an idea, to make an observation, to exercise your genius is not.

We now have the largest and most educated population in human history.

Technology has ensured that the growth in ideas, connections, possibilities has been exponential. And yet, most of them are unheard, submerged beneath a tradition of waiting in line for the boss to say OK.

There is an old adage; that the logs at to top of the logpile need the ones at the bottom to be very, very stable. Their position at the top requires it.

If you wait in line, you’ll wait a very long wait, but you’re unlikely to be noticed, with all the risk that bothering the logs at the top incurs.

If, on the other hand you want to make the difference only you and a very few others can make, waiting in line is a waste.

Those important to to you will never know.

But you will.

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