Be more Dog

I lost a friend this week.

Not my dog, but a regular, welcome visitor.

(Does anyone ever own a dog – or do they just choose to hang out with us?)

Here’s some of what what I learned from him:

  • That a fire is interesting, not just for warmth.
  • That a stick is interesting.
  • Actually, most everything is interesting.
  • That joy is an attitude.
  • That friendship doesn’t care what you look like.
  • ….and is unconditional.
  • That walking in the rain is as good as walking in the sunshine. Just soggier for a while.
  • That stoicism is cool.

We could all benefit from being more Dog.

Rock on Sweep.

2 responses to “Be more Dog”

  1. Dogs have forever been my life coaches. They know how to be. They know how to love even though we are imperfect and they don’t judge. Live in the moment like they do and love those who love you (and those who don’t). They know how to absorb the bad things and find a way to the good. They know when you are sad and make you smile. They enjoy your happiness and share in it. Here’s to my life coaches – Bryte, Gurgi, Hoddle (the master), May, Digger and Sweep.


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