Diminishing Marginal Returns and Entropy.

A long established principle of classical economics. The more we develop something, and the better we get a it, the smaller the benefit of each incremental improvement becomes over time. I really love my latest iPhone, but it hasn’t changed my life the way the first one did. There are now more apps than I can count, but very few do something remarkable.

I am more efficient at what I do than ever before at what I do, but the challenge is that what I do is not as exciting to me as it was when I first set out.

It can be insidious. We progress more slowly, until we end up at a standstill without noticing.


Tomorrow is not there just to have a chance to be better at what I do today, it offers the prospect of noticing things that I won’t notice today.

At any one point I have a choice. To remain secure in what I know, and use it to advance in areas I understand; or to step into areas I don’t understand in the anticipation of finding something new and worthwhile that doesn’t just make be better at my current game, it changes the game.

Stepping from one area into the the other is a constant small act of courage.

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