What do you do when there’s no proof left?

We’ve been brought up to be able to prove our answers. QED.

As leaders and managers, we have proven models, case studies, market research. We have cultures that do not look kindly on being wrong.

And yet; the chances of being wrong are increasing by the day, and if we limit ourselves to actions where we can demonstrate proof, we find ourselves right smack bang in the mediocre middle, with all those others who have proof.

We have forgotten how to trust our intuition, to read the landscape for clues, not proof, to trust that our own unique understanding has a place.

If we do the work to develop mastery of our subject, answers will appear in those liminal spaces – those areas between the things we know or can prove. This is where advantage, and sometimes genius lies.

Technology is really good at the known stuff, but not yet at the emergent, at the level of insight or inspiration. In other words, the stuff of humanity.

I like Annie Duke’s book, Thinking in Bets. There is no 100% proof on anything really worth doing or exploring – it’s all a bet. And sometimes we will be wrong.

But when we’re right, despite the odds, that’s when we know the joy of being human.

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