What happens at “ouch!”?

Everybody has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth”. Mike Tyson

I suspect that for most of us, this resonates with how our work environment feels. We had a plan, even a very short while ago, which we’re expected and incentivised to stick to and achieve, but suddenly – ouch!

Whether as individuals or organisations, when we get hit, we need time out. Time to gather our thoughts and we don’t have the luxury of much time to do it.

We’ll be back in the ring in a moment.

Continuing to stand there flailing our arms about in the hope of a lucky shot is a poor bet, and increases the odds of someone throwing in the towel for us.

What to do?

We need the help of someone who can see what’s going on and help us improvise during the time out.

For an individual, it might be a friend, mentor or coach. Someone who can see what’s happening and help us. orient.

For an organisation, it is those very few who can see clearly what’s happening, but are not on the front line getting hit.

They have our interests at heart, can help us orient and improvise and will stand in our corner, come what may. They are precious.

Statistics suggest these people are few in number – less than one in eight and cannot be identified primarily by role or rank, but rather by attitude and intent.

Look around you and work out who’s in your corner before you get hit.

When did Noah build the Ark? Before the rain, before the rain”. Spy Game.

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