Right now in the UK, we are preoccupied with what will be seen in retrospect as no big deal. For the last 50 years we have been sat in a liminal space between being a country with an empire, which we believed we had a right to, and whatever we are going to be next.

In this liminal period, we have assembled all the ingredients of what we will be next – technology, diversity, enforced humility and the like and although some think this is a loss, more know it’s a natural system.

We could of course fall by the wayside – none of us have a right to prosperity – but it is far more likely that we will become a differently powerful force in the world. Not through some ego trip of trade deals and independence, but through an understanding of what our past has given us, what our future requires, and an awareness of who we are becoming.

We have been shaped by the generations behind us, just as we are shaping the ones emerging now. They have to be different form us – it’s called progress and evolution and they are no more right than we were previously, and will make different mistakes.

Progress is not linear. There are necessary bumps in the road. Sacrifices to be made. No caterpillar knows it will be a butterfly, nor the butterfly that it was a caterpillar, and the intervening process of Chrysalis and Imaginal cells is at best messy.

Liminal spaces and Chrysalis have much in common. They can only really be understood backwards. To make them happen, we have to walk into them forwards.

We have the gift of consciousness. We may not know, but we can imagine who we might become. That’s worth leaving false certainty behind for.

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