The game is changing in front of our eyes, but I suspect we’re often so busy we just don’t see it.

A session of BBC’s “question time” this week encapsulated it well, and wherever you are in the world, you will be seeing populist driven equivalents. The topic was Brexit, and it pretty much nuked our concepts of British reserve, politeness and humour. Driven by a heady mix of facts, fake facts, biases and fears it was horrible to behold.

No connection – just lots of noise, very little signal. Yet, that’s where the future lies. When the Brexit debacle is eventually resolved, we will have to deal with the situation it leaves us in, whatever that might be. It will require collaboration, debate, support, humour – in short, connection.

There a great piece on Medium today by @zatrana. He writes about Aristotle’s thoughts on friendship, and it struck me that we have much to learn.

The challenges we face – from AI to Climate Change, to the more mundane areas of making a living will only be solved by meaningful connection.

Jim Rohn states that we become the average of the five people we most associate with. I’d suggest that whatever else you do today, whatever you pay attention to, and whatever winds you up,

Remember that. It’s where your future is,

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  1. Thanks SJ. I am delving more into this, and you will see more in this vein on an increasing basis. Your thoughts, observations and criticisms most welcome. What interested you most about this – what would you have me look at that might support you?

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