The Soggy Middle

When times are difficult, it seems that most people head for the soggy middle.

The soggy middle is that big space in the middle of the distribution curve.

At one end are those who are here for the money, Brilliant, ruthless, efficient, imaginative, rich. Goal driven, they have one end in mind, and go for it.

At the other end of the curve are those with a cause. With a soul on fire. Driven, passionate, chasing dreams, stopping at nothing. In the grip of their Muse.

In the soggy middle are the rest of us. Getting comfortably by. Vision and Values statements on the wall.

On the way up, making above average returns and declaring our brilliance; on the way down, wondering what happened, blaming others or circumstance.

Love them or hate them, the people at the end of the curve are who create movement.

The soggy middle is crowded and time limited.

The only route to safety is to move towards the edge, and risk being remarkable.

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