Remarkable Conversations

Most days we walk into the sound of chatter

The usual problems, differently expressed,

The easy satisfaction of remixing the usual answers

To provide a supposedly unique solution

And keeps the wolves at bay

But outside, the scenery and the weather is changing

Whilst we’re inside, safe and warm, we don’t notice

Until we have to venture out 

Because the answers we give people no longer work.

We look at each other, confused

When did it get to be like this?

Why weren’t we told?

Because we were too busy to notice.

Yesterday’s normal has gone and today’s questions are difficult

We’ve looked in our books, and asked our friends, and can’t find the answer

We need to talk, not our normal, comfortable, familiar conversations

Something altogether more original, more remarkable, more scary,

If we are to find an answer in these unfamiliar surroundings.

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