When the wind blows

the view from the office. credit: Richard Merrick

When the wind blows, we have a choice. To dig in, or move on.

Looking out over the valley where I live, there are trees that are hundreds of years old. I know most of them by sight, and notice the changes in them during the seasons and over them.

They will see us come and go, but continue to adapt and thrive without moving.

Dandelions are different. When the wind blows, they thrive by moving, going where the wind of the moment takes them.

No value judgement, just different strategies.

Each has its implicit values.

Right now, in Europe and the USA, as well as further afield, the economic and political winds are blowing. The reactions are interesting to see.

Here in the UK Midlands, companies we thought were trees are turning out to be dandelions. They have determined that their interests are best served by following the winds, and moving to economically warmer climes. Others, who we thought were dandelions, are turning out to be trees, and digging in.

Again, no value judgement, just interesting. Actually, I don’t mean that. I think it matters.

I after decades – in some cases centuries, we uproot and move we leave behind the vast majority of what has sustained us as we grow in the hope that where we land will serve us better. That’s a brave move.

Meaning and purpose is multi faceted, and is the soil in which what is worthwhile thrives.

It involves communities, networks, commitment, implicit knowledge, tradition and trust.

Transplanting large trees is expensive, difficult, and has a high failure rate. Ask any gardener.

And the wind will turn.

Dandelions can thrive anywhere for a short period. I do not however notice the dandelions in the valley like I recognise the trees. (Particularly the Copper Beech in the centre)

I think that matters

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