We are geared to seeking feedback on how we’re doing (normally positive, which is often the least useful – but that’s for another time), but we rarely ask the more useful questions:

  • What is it that I do?
  • Am I doing it differently to last year?
  • Where do you think I’m heading?
  • What do like about how I do what I do?

If we’re committed, we’re all en route. Going somewhere, even if we’re not sure where. The scenery round us changes, and if we take the time to notice, so does the view. It’s difficult to notice when we have our head down, looking at the path.

Right now, the scenery around is changing faster then ever. and if we haven’t noticed, we are almost certainly missing opportunities, and probably emerging threats.

One of the frequent challenges of management is that we find out what works for us, and keep doing it, even when the scenery changes.

It’s a leader’s job to notice, and bring it to people’s attention. To make sure she has the right people around her to deal with what’s emerging, and that they are adequately resourced.

The news is rarely welcomed – we like the status quo, and learning is hard work, and represents a risk, but as Eric Shinseki told his troops “if you don’t like change, you’ll like irrelevance even less”

Time to look around. What’s changing for you and those who look to you for leadership? What do you need to understand, and what are you going to tell them?

We’re all en route, whether we like it or not.

We have a choice of two futures . being taken somewhere by other people, or looking for our own route.

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