One of the greatest challenges I see with clients is the think / do gap.

Doer’s just love to do. They’re really good at it, experienced and have their own style. Thinking takes time, and presents uncertainties.

Don’t mess around just do.

Thinkers like to build models, look round corners, polish, revise. It’ll be really good in a minute (blushing slightly as I can live here). Don’t spoil my great idea by playing with it and breaking it.

Doing without experimenting is rapid redundancy. Thinking without doing is fantasy.

Leaders recognise both, and can bring them together.

It’s hard.


photocredit: istockphoto

It used to be that we could be invisible.

We could hide in the long grass, disappear from view, not be visible.

No longer. Even if we go, like me, substantially “off grid” (the only social media I do are LinkedIn and What’s app) we are still lit up.

People can see us for who we are and what we believe.

No hiding.

We need to commit, and be prepared to be accountable.


Is your friend.

We like to talk about frictionless as though it’s a virtue.

It’s not when it comes to important things. Things where we need feedback, alternative views, diversity, the qualities that prevent groupthink and wilful blindness.

The trick with friction is to use the energy to illuminate things.

I’ve had more practice than most I suspect of finding areas where I disagree with people I respect. There is still a momentary hesitation where I have that “let it pass” moment, until I remember that they would give me grief if I did.

Friction is not conflict – it’s a different view, an alternative perspective, a way of seeing something that might otherwise be missed.