The Morning After

The media last night and this morning are full of comment and analysis on last night’s astonishing Commons defeat for the Prime Minister’s BREXIT Plan, alongside collective tearing of hair, from different sides and for different reasons, regarding the continued uncertainty it brings.

Leadership requires perspective. Alongside all the things that appear uncertain, are things that are certain and vital.

  • Remaining calm in face uncertainty.
  • Looking after the critical relationships with staff, suppliers and customers.
  • Being careful on where we place our attention.
  • Manage the things we can, more than worry about the things we can’t.
  • Make as sure as we can that we position for agility and “anti fragility”. Whatever we expect of what we don’t control, it will be different.
  • Look for the opportunities. Every individual, and every organisation has a number of unique talents and capabilities. There are places where they will be needed.

The Cynefin framework suggests that in conditions of chaos in the absence of evidence, we act, sense what happens and respond.

If you can:

  • maintain the presence of mind to observe dispassionately what you see,
  • orient yourselves to it,
  • make a decision
  • and act

Choose small things that matter. Talk to people. Feedback. Support.

Continue to go round that loop faster than your competitors, and you will progress.

I would suggest that for most of us, the things that are long term critical to our businesses (and careers) are  a clear sense of purpose, and the relationships, understanding, creativity and commitment that enable it.

BREXIT will resolve, one way or another. We should not be tempted to take our eye off what’s important.

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