2019 and Leadership

full-moon-pixabay-no-attribToday, Friday 21st December, finds us at the Winter Solstice. Depending on your culture and beliefs, that signifies major change as we symbolically move away from darkness towards light.

This year, as an added bonus we will have a full moon and a meteor shower, both equally symbolic. You’d think there was something going on………

When we arrive at the next seasonal event, the Spring Equinox on 20th March, we will have just over a week to go before BREXIT, if we find ourselves still going down that road, happens. Equinox are often associated with breakdowns in communication……

Whatever happens, we can be reasonably confident 2019 will present us with opportunities and challenges in a myriad different ways, and we can be equally confident that no system, process or “initiative” will present us with solutions.

It will be time for genuine leadership – grounded in a clear sense of purpose, an exquisite understanding of our market environment, people working with us who share our purpose, understand what is required of them, and who have the permission and confidence to act. It will not be business as normal. It’s way too late for normal.

It is a time for smaller, faster, agile businesses who can act, and who are not tied down by systems and processes designed for the pre Brexit economy.

For those of us committed to the sense of purpose, pleasure and autonomy a great medium sized business offers, it is a great opportunity.

We do not have to operate in the undifferentiated  “soggy middle” of the distribution curve, we can target the niches, the outliers, where “minimum viable markets” that large companies find it difficult to operate can offer us growth, returns and fulfilment.

It is not without risk – but if you run an SME, you already know that.

During the first quarter of 2019 I will be focusing heavily on what this type of leadership involves and requires of us, and will be working with some of the most innovative, exciting and best respected thinkers in the leadership development space.

I’ll post more here, and on LinkedIn in January. If however you want to know more before that, mail me at richard@richardmerrick.co.uk

In the meantime, enjoy the Solstice, have a wonderful Christmas break, and look forward to 2019.

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