Engagement – local heroes

I’m currently doing the North Coast 500. for those not aware, it’s a stunning tour of the North of Scotland, and very much worth checking out. It’s important to me – Scotland is where I spent the majority of my youth, went to University, and spent time in some of the most stunning scenery inContinue reading “Engagement – local heroes”

Engagement – we get what we measure

Engagement is now so well established as a prime determinant of performance that is seems to have become a victim of its own success. We have ways of measuring it, and orthodoxies around what causes it. We believe we understand it. What if we don’t? A comparison. In the learning and development world, there isContinue reading “Engagement – we get what we measure”

Freehold Engagement

Have you ever noticed how small children are “freeholders”? They engage with everything; they are insatiably curious, inventive and creative. They have no sense of failure, they just learn. They approach whatever they are doing on their own terms. They buy into whatever they do. And then – they start school, and begin to learnContinue reading “Freehold Engagement”