Storms, and Ships

shipThere are, I suspect, few people who would argue that we are in calm waters right now – politically, economically, socially. Many would argue we are in a phase transition – a rapid, dramatic and permanent change in our understanding of our world.

A storm is coming.

We are all in ships of one form or another, from little ones we’ve just built, to the “Unsinkable Titanics” of our day.

The most important person on a ship is not the Captain. or the Cook, or the Purser, or the Chief Engineer. It’s the Navigator; of the old fashioned sort ,who can read the stars, use a sextant, and smell the weather.

Our modern “ships” have become reliant on their own form of GPS. Economists, Financial Forecasters, Experts. Trouble is, a GPS is no good if you find yourself off the map, in uncharted territory. A nice blinking cursor on a blank screen.

Many of todays Navigators are adventure tourists, selling access to places others have gone before them, but which they had no part in finding. Great as guides, but hopeless when they find themselves lost.

Navigators, of the old school, map makers. They knew how to chart new territory so that they could find their way back to where they had come from, as well as claim what they had found for themselves. They were explorers who ventured over the known horizon.

A storm is coming. Make sure you have a navigator of the old school; an explorer. This is no time to be crew on a boat with a tourist for a Navigator.



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