537141_pasta_noodles_1We’ve been largely educated to see the world in segments; in specialities that we can use to solve problems.

For a long time, that served us well. We have learned a huge amounts in these segments, and will continue to mine them.

However, we also now know enough to understand that they are not separate at all.

They are interdependent, random, and change by the moment depending on everything from our knowledge and mood to the company we keep. In the parlance, they are level 2 chaos – we are part of the challenge, not observers.

When things get messy, it’s who we are that matters, not the badges (Qualifications, Professions) we wear.

As we approach the project that is 2017, things promise to get messy. 2016 looks like it will have been a dress rehearsal.

Whether that mess is joyous or calamitous is for us to decide. It will be whatever we choose.

Three things we can do to make it joyous:

  1. Be clear on our sense of purpose. How will the world be better when you leave because you’ve been here?
  2. Understand what you love to do, and do more of it. (Hint: The world doesn’t need more money)
  3. Pick your partners. When it gets messy, you’ll need them as much as they need you, and that’s not the time to find out the mistakes you have made.

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