Competition vs Creation.


Image: Huffington Post

There’s a line in Joi Ito’s book “Whiplash” that resonates for me:

“Competition just isn’t interesting anymore”

I think he’s right. At a time when we can create unique offerings that resonate with our uniqueness, regarding ourselves as being in competition means we’re trying to persuade somebody to buy our version of a product or service already in existence. or in other words, on the route to being a commodity.

When we have high levels of fixed assets, or legacy technology, or shareholders to support,  we often have little choice other than to have a competitive mindset, but when product and service lifecycles are vanishingly short at the same time as creation has never been easier, it’s an increasingly risky place to be. And a choice (albeit a tough one)

Whether or not we believe the hype around intelligent machines, it seems pretty certain they will have a significant impact on those jobs based on process and repetition, and if that’s what we do for a living, there’s some change headed our way.

The future of work is human. As humans, we imagine, create and bring the unknown into existence. It is that capability that will define our lives as change accelerates, much more than competition.

Creation is interesting. Competition can’t compete with it. Be human.

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