We’re all children now


We face an interesting challenge. We’re all living longer whilst change is happening faster. As the change that is happening faster also becomes more complex, the chances of us finding ourselves lost, hanging onto old ideas that no longer serve the new reality, gets exponentially greater. The rapid arrival and integration of artificial intelligence into our everyday lives, almost unseen, will transform every aspect of our lives, and worklives in the next few, short, years.

So what do we do when we’re lost? We do what we did naturally when we were children. we explore:

The Day Millicent Found the World

Every morning Millicent ventured farther
into the woods. At first she stayed
near light, the edge where bushes grew, where
her way back appeared in glimpses among
dark trunks behind her. Then by farther paths
or openings where giant pines had fallen
she explored ever deeper into
the interior, till one day she stood under a great
dome among columns, the heart of the forest, and knew:
Lost. She had achieved a mysterious world
where any direction would yield only surprise.

And now not only the giant trees were strange
but the ground at her feet had a velvet nearness;
intricate lines on bark wove messages all
around her. Long strokes of golden sunlight
shifted over her feet and hands. She felt
caught up and breathing in a great powerful embrace.
A birdcall wandered forth at leisurely intervals
from an opening on her right: “Come away, Come away.”
Never before had she let herself realize
that she was part of the world and that it would follow
Wherever she went. She was part of its breath.

Aunt Dolbee called her back that time, a high
voice tapering faintly among the farthest trees,
Milli-cent! Milli-cent! And that time she returned,
but slowly, her dress fluttering along pressing
back branches, her feet stirring up the dark smell
of moss, and her face floating forward, a stranger’s
face now, with a new depth in it, into the light.

William Stafford

We are now in a time when knowledge is ubiquitous, and free. Knowledge is a rapidly decreasing advantage.

So are qualifications

Today, and moreso tomorrow, who you are, and how you are is far important than what you know. Your sense of purpose, your values, your mindset.

If you haven’t done it recently, go for a walk and get lost. see what you find.



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