Tetris Engagement

tetris3_highresOnly a few years ago, engagement seemed like lego. Get the right elements, put them together, and Bingo! – employee engagement, client engagement. Easy.

Now, it seems more like a maniacal version of Tetris. lots of elements, coming from different directions, at different speeds. For all of us, our attention is bombarded by everything from checking our phones 200 times a day, to the mental clutter of coping with what those messages suggest, let alone the rapid erosion of the assumptions we made when setting of on our current project.

Engagement as Tetris. If you want it, focus on it. One person at a time. Or lose.

Spreading ourselves thin…….

thinWe can deal productively, with, at most 150 relationships. Those who mean something yo us, and to whom we mean something.

Beyond that we get to the equivalent of “your call is very important to us….”

This is a challenge when we realise the future is all about relationships. increasingly, algorithms can take care of the rest.

So, how mny communities are you part of? Do you know your 150, and do they know you?

I have found this to be  a challenge. I have widespread interests, and building up the contacts is a by product, but when I got to over 2000 on LinkedIn, i realised that I was becoming invisible. Something of a paradox, but the more people I am connected to, the bigger the obligation I have to ensure I am paying attention to them. 

So I decided to bite the bullet, and cut it back to 150, those to whom I am willing to pay attention to, listen to, share with, and connect with each other arounf things that are meaningful.

have chosen to be a significant part of three smaller, focused communities, where the works gets done. It works.

Being properly visible to a few beats being invisible to many.