…For which I get up in the morning


At the heart of living the life we can is a sense of purpose. The Japanese have a typically beautiful and elegant expression. “Ikigai”, or loosely,  “for which I get up in the morning”.

Engagement is a hot topic inthe world of HR, with much research to demonstrate it’s commercial power. That’s only the tip of it, a side show, in my humble opinion.

We can be actively, passively, or dis-engaged, but even at our most engaged, it is a shadow of the power of comIkigai-EN-optimized-PNGmitment – which is engagement to the power of purpose.

An organsaition may engage you, but almost never can it give you purpose. Purpose is a pre-existing state. You may have your purpose clearly defined, or like most of, have it as a continually emerging, evolving, living thing. Finding the right community, and sometimes an organisation, can give it wings.

We live in times when managing our “signal to noise” ratio is a challenge. We check our phones 200 times a day, sleep less, and self medicate with everything from shopping to alcohol.

However, sitting there, patiently ,is your purpose. The story waitng to be told that was inside you when you were born, and that is waiting for you to stop being a bit player in other people’s stories.

When we realise that we see the world not as it is, but as we are, we gain authority over our lives. As David Bohm said, “our mind creates the world, and then says, “I’didn’t do it!”

Our purpose exists, we just need to give it the space to emerge. As it does, and we engage with what really matters and facilitates our purpose, things change.




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