The BREXIT fallacy?


A whole new industry seems to have born out of a referedum decision that will trigger acton over something between the next two to six years.

A quick survey of web sites, magazines and other media will soon show a wide variety of consultancies pushing expertise in BREXIT strategies. This is a great market for people who don’t know what’s happening, to sell to other people who don’t know what’s happening.

So what is BREXIT, really? In many respects, it is a classic “Black Swan” event – one of those areas that in retrospect was very likely (if you alienate enough people, for long enough, and give them a stick to beat you with…) but on the run up was seen as a foregone conclusion, and something that a fear based campaign would ensure. That didn’t work so well then.

However, BREXIT is only one facet of what is going on. It may be have been dramatic, but baby BREXITS are happening each day, and the likelihood is that there will be other large, BREXIT like events before ever this BREXIT has been realised.

This is now the way of things. Normal is not coming back, it’s aleady here.

Individuals and businesses don’t need a BREXIT strategy; they need to become what Nassim Nicholas Taleb termed “anti fragile“.

Taleb has a habit of foresight, and this view was no different. He argues that resilience (the ability to recover from the unexpected) is not enough, and that to thrive we have to be able to grow from the energy of the shock – to become “anti fragile”

This is good news, even if uncomfortable, for individuals and small businesses who can ride the energy waves of shocks, rather than be smashed by them (more difficult for big businesses, with a history of success, and the infrastructure to prove it.

There are however, some basic rules:

  1. Dont be taken hostage by things you can’t control – everything from unrealistic bank loans to eye watering mortgages. If you can’t pay them off in times of shock, you belong to the debt, not the other way round.
  2. Don’t be trapped by ego driven careers. You are you, not your career. The world doesn’t care about your career, but it does care about what you might achieve if you exercise the unique genius that you have.
  3. Have a clear awareness of your purpose, even if it’s not clear to you yet. We are all born with a story inside us, even if we dont realise it. The challenge of our life is to tell that story, not just be bit part actors in other people’s
  4. Pay attention to who you spend time with. Science increasingly backs up Jim Rohn’s line that you become the average of the five people you most spend time with. Look around you right now.
  5. Learn something new everyday, and integrate it into who you are. Build from the inside out.
  6. Even if you’re with a big, rock solid corporate, pay attention to points 1-5. The hardcore you lay beneath your foundation was rock solid once, just like Lehman, or Kodak, or…..

Most of all, don’t be distracted by those who say they have a BREXIT strategy for you. They don’t, but they do have their own, which is to sell you a BREXIT strategy.

Your dont need consultants for your strategy, maybe you just need to accept that BREXIT is just an everyday affair, and you need to be prepared for that. See point 4 above.

You already have enough. Ignore the fear that many will try to sell you. Be clear and confident in who you are, don’t get taken hostage, choose who you work with, and most of all, tell your own story, not someone else’s.

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